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Presentation official:, it is high level sport, a large amount of action… and still a little more. Suspense, we speak about it and let us create we. Still a thing: you help us to create some. That you are pro or initial - one can be registered in two times three movements, the chances of profits are identical for all immediately.
Bwin it is the offer of sporting bets broadest of Europe and sums the n°1 of the Net. Some figures? Each day, up to 5.000 enthralling bets are proposed in more than 50 different sports: a record! Still a figure: all the offer of bwoin is available in 20 languages. And one will not stop in if good way!

Enter a world of entertainment in single line: find a large range of enthralling sporting bets and vibrate on line - closest to the sport, like nowhere elsewhere. Without forgetting the single atmosphere of the casino, the parts of poker on line and a large range of plays. With bwin, you put the daily newspaper between brackets and plunge in a world full with emotions.

2 million registered customers misent on us and is via daily connected Internet or their portable. The ideal stimulant to offer a still better service and the new ones to you produces.

Legal information:

bwin International Ltd., Interactive subsidiary company with 100% of bwin Entertainment AG, manages the whole of the operational businesses of the bwin group from Gibraltar, on the basis of license established in Gibraltar. The parent company bwin Interactive Entertainment AG is with dimensions with Vienna since March 2000 Stock Exchange and deals with, in others, the following functions for its subsidiary companies: marketing, finances and administration, communications internal, controlling and data processing department