The sporting bets must remain a leisure!


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Dependence with the plays

The sporting bets must remain an entertainment, it is important to determine a budget for its bets and never not to bet more than one is ready to lose.

There exist associations French-speaking person to help you in the event of phenomenon of dependence to the plays:

CANADA (Quebec):
CAFAT Processing center of the codépendance and the multiple dependences
1772, boulevard des Laurentides Vimont Laval (Quebec) H7M 2P6
Tel.: (450) 669- 9669 Fax: (450) 669-8199

80 post-office box 3000 Bern 23
Tel.: 031.370 70 70 Faxes: 031.370 70 71
Telephone permanences: Monday to Friday of 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 with 17:00
The consultations can take place in one of the 4 regional centres or one of the 16 antennas close to on your premise E-mail:

143 rue de Saussure - 75017 PARIS
 Tel. 01-72-74-82-70

An anglophone site:

Moreover Bwin to create Social Corporate Responsibility:
This team will be charged to as well discuss, develop, coordinate and apply the items to the day order in connection with the prevention of the dependence to the play as of other new projects CSR which will be identified later on. The principal task of this service will consist in drawing from the lesson of the evolutions of the company, reflecting its strategic and practical political orientations, and improving them permanently.


The sporting bets and other money plays on line are subjected to different legislations according to the countries thus it is of your duty to inform you about the law in force in your country.




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