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1. All what it is necessary to know to gain and bet

Presentation of the sites of sporting bets - bookmakers

The sport news are rich in events some is your sports preferred: Football, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Handball, Car-Motor bike…
With the bookmakers - sporting site of bets such Bwin finally suit you to be able to bet on Internet in full safety with dimensions much better than Cote and Match or Lotofoot. To bet on line with a bookmaker saves to you money while forecasting on the result of an sports event.

To begin the sporting bets

To carry out your first sporting bet, you must choose one of your preferred sports such football and miser the sum which you wish. Each bookmaker has his dimensions for all the sports events, plus the east coast raised more your profit will be strong but more your chances to gain will be weak.
To choose your bookmaker we recommend to you to begin your bets sportsman with Bwin which is regarded as the best bookmaker by all the professionals of the bets on line.

Different the type of bets

With Bwin you have many type of bets available two more frequent are the simple one and the compound

Bets Simple:

A Simple bet is a bearing bet on a selection for an event for example the victory of France to the world one. Your selection must be gaining to bring back a profit to you. They is the bets ideal to start to bet on Bwin.

Bets Combined:

The combined bet is an especially interesting form of bet with spectacular chances of profit. You choose several bets and combine them to you in order to obtain only one from them. Your profit, i.e. the total dimension of the combined bet is obtained by multiplying the individual dimensions of the various bets. To win your bet, it is necessary however that all your forecasts are gaining. Ex: Austri-Rapid: Rapid gains (dimension 2,5) AND Dallas Cowboy-St. Louis Rams: Winner St Louis Rams (dimension 3) AND Sturm Graz-LASK: ´mi-time 1:0 (dimension 4) - total dimension: 2,5 X 3 X 4 = 30.


The surebet is not a type of bets, but a combination of bet which saves to you money some is the result of the match! The bookmakers not proposing the same dimensions the difference on same sports events can have as consequences that some is the resulting one from the match you are on gaining. It is necessary for you for that to have several accounts in various bookmakers.

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